An Orphan Tom 3/3

author: Denie
You were my first kiss, now you are my first everything
Tom woke up again a few hours later after the incident in the kitchen. It was only thanks to his oh-so-great-and-kind roommate Jacob, who was singing some stupid Christmas song.
Tom grunted and rolled onto his back. He kept his eyes shut, but a small smile played on his lips. He couldn’t believe that everything that happened last night was true. He couldn’t believe that he actually talked to Bill, let alone that the elder boy had kissed him.
He kissed him!
Tom jolted upright and stared into the space before him, eyes wide with the realization. He had been kissed. For the first time, and by the most beautiful, charming, captivating and who knows what else, person in the whole world. He was kissed by Bill Kaulitz, a guy who once said that he does not do dating because it simply is not his thing and that he is not interested in men under his own age; which Tom was.
Tom was kissed.
„Morning, sunshine! Rise and shine.“ Jacob chirped and laughed when he saw Tom’s terrified look. „You okay?“
„I… I… oh yeah,“ the dread head shook his head and swallowed; he could swear that he still could taste Bill’s lip gloss and the sweet taste of his lips. Tom smiled as he lightly touched his own lips. A shiver ran through his whole body at the memory of the kiss. Tom knew that their kiss won’t ever be erased from his memory.
And then it suddenly hit him.
Tom Jumped out of bed and quickly pulled on some clothes. „Tell me, is the road still blocked?“

„The road? Blocked? What are you talking about, Tom?“

The younger teen just rolled his eyes, frustrated. Without another word to his roommate, he ran out of his room, and almost knocked some girl to the ground in his haste to leave.
„Sorry!“ He shouted over his shoulder and ran as fast as he could to the main room. He hoped that he would find someone there who would tell him if the singer was still there.
To his surprise, he was greeted by a room full of people, and in their center, sat the person Tom couldn’t pry his eyes off of.

„Hello, Tom,“ Melissa greeted him and smiled. „So nice of you to finally join us. It’s after lunch already. What did you do last night?“
Tom’s cheeks flushed bright red as he shook his head and stammered, „I, uh, sorry…“ Unable to think of what to say next, Tom just sat down on the floor and looked at Bill. From where he sat, Tom noticed the exasperated look on Bill’s face. It was obvious that Bill was completely bothered by the kids that were congregated all around him. From the conversation last night, Tom knew that Bill was not a „kid“ person, and he couldn’t help but smirk when he saw the discomfort in the singer’s eyes. Bill kind of deserved it for the things he had said the night before, but Tom, being the valiant guy that he was, decided to save Bill from the situation.
Not long after he had joined the group, Tom stood up again with the excuse that he was cold. He turned and glared at the black haired boy as he sat on the uncomfortable armchair in the middle of the room. Without saying anything aloud, the teen commanded the other boy out of the room with him. He turned around and left the main room, hearing Bill’s words of excuses behind him. A few seconds later, the two of them were once again alone in the empty halls.
„Thanks,“ Bill said with a hint of a smile, as soon as they were out of ear shot. „Hey, is there some place I can smoke?“
Tom just shrugged and led Bill to his room. He and Jacob always smoked there, and no one had found out about it as of yet. When they entered the small room, Jacob looked up, surprised. His chorus of „Silent Night“ was immediately silenced and his eyes widened as big as saucers as he stared at the couple.

„What the-„

„Get out, Jack,“ said Tom quietly and left the door open. „Now,“ he added when he saw that the boy wasn’t moving. „Please?“ Tom added at last. His roommate finally got the message and moved. He narrowed his eyes at Tom, silently asking what was going on. Tom didn’t say anything as he closed the door behind him, and after a short hesitation, locked it too.
„Your roommate, I assume?“
Once again the dread-head just nodded and sat down on his bed. „Feel free to open the window and smoke.“

The singer nodded and did as he was told to. He couldn’t help but shiver as the cold winter air entered the room from the open window. „Do you have a-„

With a smile, Tom gave him his sweatshirt.
„Thanks,“ Bill said with a soft smile of his own. Bill put the sweatshirt on and curled into the warmth of the thick fabric. He pulled it up a bit and buried his nose in it, and smiled a bit wider. It smelled like honey, just as Tom did last night.
„So,“ the dread headed teen said as he cleared his throat. The singer turned to face him. „You’re still here,“ Tom stated and chewed on his bottom lip, as a feeling of nervousness washed over him.

„Yes,“ Bill nodded and dragged a smoke from his nicotine love. „I am. The road is still blocked; though the tree will be removed sometime today.“

„Oh,“ Tom replied. He couldn’t help but feel sad that the other boy would be leaving soon. Who knows if he’ll ever see him again? He got so used to the singer’s presence so quickly that it’ll feel weird when the other boy finally leaves.
After closing the window, Bill moved to Tom’s bed and sat down beside him. „Are you okay, Tomi-boy?“ he asked softly and gently touched Tom’s shoulder. Tom tensed under his touch, but Bill didn’t move his hand back.
„Yeah, I just… it’s just… you kissed me,“ breathed the younger of the two. Tom wore a frustrated expression as his eyes connected with another pair of brown orbs. The singer smiled at him softly and lightly touched his cheek, stroking it gently with his thumb.
„Yes, I did.“
„But, why? I just don’t get it.“
Bill shrugged, casually laid back on the bed, and stared up at the ceiling. „I just felt like doing it.“



„Yeah, oh,“ Tom nodded and both of them laughed lightly. „I just-it was my first kiss, you know?“

Bill’s eyebrows shot up and the singer blinked a few times. „Really? I was your first kiss? You’re being serious now?“

The teen’s cheeks burned bright red and he wished nothing more than to hide under the blanket and never stick his nose out again. He felt so embarrassed and stupid. But on the other side, Bill thought it was rather sweet, being someone’s first kiss. Never once in his life was Bill someone’s first anything.

„Hey, don’t get all shy on me again,“ Bill whispered and lightly kissed Tom’s cheek, causing the teen to blush even brighter. „I think it’s sweet that I was your first-„

„First kiss!“ Tom choked out quickly. Bill furrowed his eyebrows in thought.
„And the other things… did you do something more with someone?“
„Uhm, well…“ Tom played with the wrinkle on his jeans, avoiding the singer’s eyes. „Sure.“

Bill’s lips turned up into a grin and he raised an eyebrow. Evil thoughts started floating through his head. „Really? And what did you do, huh? My ‚never-kissed‘ Tomi-boy…“ Bill was amused as he watched Tom’s cheeks flush red again.


The black haired singer laughed and nodded. „So you haven’t done anything before, am I right?“

The orphaned teen laid down on his bed, and curled tightly into himself. „One boy at school-he touched me, you know, down there,“ Tom explained. Tom made a movement with his hand, and pointed to his lower part. „But I didn’t want it, and he was much stronger than I was…so…that’s pretty much all.“

„I’m sorry,“ the singer whispered and gently laid down beside Tom.
„It’s not your fault,“ Tom mumbled and looked at Bill. Back then, Tom really freaked out about the situation at school, but it happened almost a year ago now, and the dreadlocked teen finally got over it. Nothing that bad had ever happened to him again.
Bill nodded and watched him for a few more minutes. He inhaled deeply and caught the sweet scent of honey and something else that smelled like warm early afternoon. It was a distinctly „Tom“ smell, and Bill was quickly addicted to it. To Bill, it was really strange; laying in bed with a ‚stranger‘ who was even younger than he, and being somehow attracted to him. He wanted nothing more than to reach his hand out, pull the younger teen closer and kiss him endlessly. But then again, what’s holding him back?

„Hm?“ Tom answered. His eyes were half closed, his lips were slightly parted, and a sweet smile playing upon them. Bill couldn’t, and didn’t want to hold himself back as he leaned closer to the teen. Bill lightly brushed their lips together before he kissed Tom fully, passionately, sweetly and lovingly. He had no idea what was going on with him, but for now, Bill didn’t care.
Neither did Tom. Being kissed once again by the singer came as a bit of a shock to him, but Tom was not complaining. All of Tom’s dreams came true after last night, and this, this was a sweet bonus he happily returned.
„Tell me, Tomi-boy,“ Bill whispered against his lips when the two pulled apart for air. Bill kissed the tip of Tom’s nose and asked, „Do you want something more?“
Tom pulled away from the warmth of Bill’s body, and stared at him. „W-what do you mean?“

„Aww, Tomi-boy, don’t be shy. I bet you are full of hormones and want…no, need some release, huh? And by the way you’re looking at me; I bet you won’t complain if it would be with me. Am I right?“

Tom sat up-straight and just glared at Bill. He tried to look horrified, angry even by the singer’s offer, but he failed miserably and it missed its effect, thanks to his cheeks which were shining bright red again. He pouted and licked his lips, swollen from their heated kiss. His eyes shone with little sparks of shyness and with a bit of lust, too.

„Oh, Tomi-boy, don’t pull those eyes on me,“ Bill laughed softly and pulled Tom down on top of him. „I know you want it…that you want me,“ he cooed into Tom’s ear. Bill smirked when the other boy shivered and his skin showed visible goose-bumps.
„How would you know? I haven’t said anything,“ Tom whispered shyly. He squeaked when the singer’s hand squeezed his crotch.
„You don’t have to say anything, Tomi-boy, ‚coz I can feel it myself,“ Bill said in a low whisper and smirked against the cheek he was currently kissing. Somehow he really did enjoy the other boy’s discomfort, and the combination of his sweet, honey, warm and childish scent turned him on.

„You know what, Tomi?“ Bill asked as he gently massaged the orphan’s half-hard cock. He smirked when Tom shook his head shakily and swallowed hard. Bill smiled and nibbled at Tom’s earlobe, kissing under it softly, „You’re turning me on.“

Tom’s breath got caught in his throat and he made some unidentifiable noise. He forced Bill away and just stared at him.
„I’m doing what?!“
The singer couldn’t help but laugh at the shocked expression the teen had plastered on his face.

„Don’t you tell me you never turned anyone on, Tom!“

„Well,“ the boy shifted and felt his cheeks go even redder than they already were. „I dunno.“

Bill just smirked and moved himself up to Tom’s lap. Their hard erections rubbed against each other as Bill moved and created friction. As he thought about it, he supposed that Tom would not know, after all, he was the untouched one. „Well, you’re definitely turning me on, right now,“ he hissed lowly and planted many sweet little kisses on Tom’s neck. „Your honey-like scent, your innocence and shyness, it all turns me on really hard,“ cooed the singer as he thrust his hips against Tom’s, so the younger boy could feel just how ‚hard‘ Bill really was.

Tom’s breathing quickened and his chest rose and fell heavily. His eyes were dark with lust and shining with something that made Bill feel really special. The singer didn’t know it for sure, but he suspected that the orphan teen was in love with him. And even if this love was not for Bill, he still felt special. He could feel the passion, the love and the sweet innocence in every kiss Tom gave him, and in every shy touch.
„Tell me, Tomi-boy, do you want this?“ Bill asked. He placed his hands on either side of Tom’s face, and looked him in the eyes with all the honesty and sincerity he could. „‚Coz I do,“ he whispered against the teen’s pouted lips and kissed him again, this time letting Tom control the pace while slowly, carefuly bucking his hips.
„I… I…“ Tom stuttered. Tom felt really stupid, but hey, who wouldn’t be nervous if their idol was sitting on top of you, kissing your lips and softly stroking your cheeks, right? Not speaking of his hard erection moving against your own. It was something Tom never dared dream about. The only thing he ever wanted was to meet Bill, talk to him and maybe take a picture with the singer, but this? This was something completely different, and in this moment when Bill’s cool fingers were massaging his neck, Tom knew that his love for the black haired singer wasn’t just platonic. His heart was beating like crazy in his chest, and Tom knew he was in love with the man leaning above him, slowly rocking his hips against his own. He would do anything for him.
„You?“ Bill whispered teasingly and nipped Tom’s chin. The singer felt like a whore who was trying to seduce some teenage boy, but he couldn’t help it, not when he was sure that said teenage boy wanted this as much as he did himself.
„I… I do,“ Tom breathed out at last. The second the words left his lips, his mouth was captured by soft, warm lips moving hard against his own. Tom closed his eyes and fully joined the kiss. Tom left everything behind him; this was his moment and everything else would have to be solved later.

Without another word, the two of them laid down on the mattress. The kiss was hot as their hands roamed everywhere on each other’s body. Well, at least Bill’s hands were all over Tom’s body. The teen just laid there and enjoyed the feel of them, the feel of everything that was new to him, and it was okay with Bill. From the very beginning he knew that Tom was really shy and unpracticed at any of this, so it was okay that he just laid there and enjoyed everything Bill was giving him. And to be honest, that knowledge made Bill feel proud, proud to be the one giving new experiences to the younger, virgin teen.

„Relax, Tomi-boy, it will feel nice, I promise.“
„Promise?“ Tom whispered. His voice was full of shyness, innocence and newly found lust mixed with a touch of uncertainty.
„Promise,“ Bill assured him with a smile. He kissed Tom deeply on the lips, and slowly pushed his tongue past Tom’s teeth and pressed his tongue ring to the roof of his mouth. It made Tom moan lowly and the boy shivered, and squeezed Bill’s thighs with his trembling hands.
No more words were said as Bill slowly pulled Tom’s oversized t-shirt over his head and tossed it aside, admiring the view of the teen’s firm, toned chest. Who would have thought that such a kid would have had such a nicely formed body? Softly nibbling at the hot skin of Tom’s neck, Bill moved his lips lower, kissing, licking and biting.
„Touch me, Tomi-boy. Touch me, pull my shirt off, do anything, just touch me,“ Bill cooed into his ear and licked across one of Tom’s nipples. Tom shivered violently and groaned. He bucked his hips up and thrust against Bill’s. The singer smiled and squeezed the pink nipple between his teeth lightly, making Tom moan even louder.
Without thinking too much, Tom pushed the sweatshirt off of Bill and grabbed the hem of his t-shirt, pulling it over the singer’s head. As soon as they both were topless, Tom couldn’t help but stare. Bill’s chest was thin, flat and pale, only adorned on his left side with black ink. He wanted to touch it…feel it…taste it.
„Do whatever you want,“ Bill whispered and straightened up, exposing his torso shamelessly. Tom touched the pale skin with his trembling finger tips. It felt so amazing under his fingers…so smooth and hot. Placing his flat hand over Bill’s left nipple, Tom could feel the singer’s heart rhythmically beating. It made him tremble all over again.
„You like what you see, Tomi-boy?“ Bill moved slowly above him, his groin rubbing against Tom’s hard erection, making Tom moan his name softly. „‚Coz I do. I love what I see underneath me,“ Bill said seductively and bit down on Tom’s chin before he captured his lips once again. It might feel that Bill was only using Tom, using him as something he could shorten the time with or to kill the boredom, but no, Bill was really enjoying this, wanting more and more of this inexperienced teen.

When Tom responded with nothing but a low moan, Bill moved in close to his ear. „Tell me,“ Bill whispered as he bent down and licked a wide stripe across Tom’s neck, leaving a wet path behind him. „Tell me, what you want and I’ll do that.“

Tom whined and tugged at Bill’s short hair desperately, pulling him closer so he could kiss him again. If it was really only up to Tom, he would kiss Bill till his last breath, never once stopping, and it would be enough for him to come. Never having been touched before, he really didn’t need much.

„I want you,“ moaned the dreadlocked teen when Bill’s cool fingers brushed the hot skin on his belly. „I want you. Please, Bill.“

The singer smirked contentedly and cooed into Tom’s ear. „You can have everything of me if you want.“

The teen underneath him shook his head fiercely and his cheeks flashed with bright red color.


„No, I… I want you to have… everything of… me,“ Tom whispered shyly and closed his eyes. He parted his lips and took a trembling breath in while Bill gently stroked his hips.

„Mhm, we can do that.“

„Sure, Tomi-boy, anything you want.“ Bill smiled at him and kissed him, softly, gently, sweetly. He didn’t know what it was, but something about Tom made Bill want to handle Tom gently. He needed to be careful and not push the dread head too much. It wasn’t Bill’s style, being so careful with someone. Bill loved rough, hard, passionate sex, yet here he was, being overly sweet now.

„Good,“ Tom breathed out and squeaked suddenly when Bill tugged at his belt forcefully. Once the belt was loose, Tom lifted his hips up and let Bill pull his jeans off. He felt so naked, even with his boxers still on. It felt weird, being so exposed under someone else. Yet, the feeling of Bill’s hot skin against his own felt so good to him. Tom’s willpower was being tested really hard, and he felt that he might come really soon.

Bill hummed, satisfied, and stood up, pulling his own jeans and boxer-briefs down. He smiled happily when the other boy gulped loudly.
„Oh my God!“
„Yes, but you can call me Bill, you know?“ Bill laughed softly as he bent down once again, and played with the hem of Tom’s underwear. „These off, now, shall we?“
„I… uh, yeah, take them off, Billy.“ Tom’s eyes were tightly closed and he felt so stupid and embarrassed. Never once in his whole 17-years-old life has he ever been naked before anyone; at least not since he was a baby. What if Bill didn’t like how he looked? What if he laughed at him and said that this all was just a joke, and that Tom was just a stupid kid? What if…?
„You okay?“
Tom blinked few times when Bill’s cold, soft hand stroked his cheek. Tom locked his eyes with Bill’s. Tom nodded and took in a shaky breath. „Yeah.“
„Are you sure? You’re shaking like crazy.“
„I… I’m just…“ Tom was interrupted by soft lips pressing against his own. They kissed slowly, passionately, and deeply. When Bill pulled away again, Tom was left breathless.
„It’s okay,“ he gave the younger boy a small smile and slowly tugged at his boxers. „I bet you have nothing to be ashamed of,“ Bill winked and pulled the unneeded cloth away. And once again, he was speechless. Tom might be just a teenager but his penis stood proudly before Bill, all hard, swollen and needy. His tip was red and wet with pre-come.
Bill swallowed and felt his heart race. Tom looked amazing underneath him, with slightly tanned skin, firmly toned chest and a crotch that an adult man couldn’t be ashamed of.
„Oh…my…God….“ Bill exclaimed.
If there was something Bill really loved, it was other men’s cocks. He loved the way they filled his mouth, he loved the different tastes of every one of them, and he loved the feel of them when they were inside of him. And right now, he loved Tom’s swollen, hard member.
Before Tom could react, his cock was in Bill’s mouth. The quick action caught the younger of the two by surprise. Bill pressed his tongue ring to the underside of Tom’s hard cock. He licked up and down the virgin cock, from the tip, to the base, and back again. He loved the way Tom tasted; sweet and bitter at the same time. And those little noises the teen was making were incredible, forcing Bill to touch himself with a firm hand and a hard stroke.
„You taste so good,“ Bill hummed happily around Tom’s cock, and smiled when the other boy shivered.

„Oh y-yeah?“

„Oh yeah, believe me, kiddo,“ Bill laughed and released the hot, hard flesh from his mouth. „You sure you want to go all the way?“

„You know, you’re really cute like this.“


„Never mind,“ Bill kissed him again, more passionately and impatiently this time. He wanted more than just kissing and touching. He wanted be inside of Tom or have Tom deep inside himself. Either way, he wanted more. „I’m going to put my fingers inside you now, okay?“
Tom didn’t say anything…just nodded. He was sure if he tried to talk, his voice would betray him. The dread head shook with nervousness and anxiety. He had an idea how gay sex worked, but he was still really unsure of what Bill would do now. Put his fingers inside??
Bill wet two of his fingers with his saliva and smiled at Tom as he stroked his manhood with one hand in an attempt to distract him. And it worked. Tom bucked his hips upwards with each stroke Bill gave him and almost missed it when Bill stroked his virgin whole with his wet finger. It didn’t feel weird; actually it felt somehow amazing, odd but amazing, when Bill pushed one finger inside. But despite the good feeling, Tom tensed up when the finger was knuckle-deep within him.
„Relax, Tom, it’s okay. I promise it will feel amazing, but now you have to relax,“ Bill said patiently as he stroked the boy’s hard member and slightly moved his finger in and out. It took a few more minutes before Tom was fully relaxed and could enjoy the oddness of Bill’s finger inside him.
However, that changed as soon as Bill put the second finger in.
„Uh, it… hurts, Bill.“
„Relax, you need to relax, Tom.“ Bill pulled his fingers out when he saw the painful expression on the younger teen’s face. „Okay, do you have some lotion or something?“
Breathing heavily, Tom pointed to his table where a half-full bottle of lotion sat. His ass was burning slightly, and that amazing sensation was gone. Tom wasn’t sure that he wanted this anymore, but before he could make up his mind, Bill was back and his fingers were slick with white, creamy lotion.

„Okay, now I really need you to relax, Tom.“

„I’ll… try.“
„Good boy,“ Bill cooed and kissed him while he pushed two fingers inside again slowly. Tom tensed up and whined. He involuntarily bucked his hips away from the touch. „It’s okay, just relax,“ Bill commanded impatiently; his own arousal was so hard it hurt.
„Bill, I-„
„Don’t Tom,“ interrupted the singer. Bill bent down to Tom’s eye level and said, „I promise, it will feel good. I have done it many times before. You really have to relax and then it will be good, I promise.“

„But it hurts.“

Bill smiled gently and kissed Tom’s eyelids one by one before he brushed his lips against the younger teen’s. He kissed him slowly and sweetly until Tom started cooperating. When Bill felt that he was more relaxed, he pushed a third finger in, scissoring them in a slow motion. Tom tried to whimper and wiggle away but Bill wouldn’t let him. Bill kissed him more intently in order to distract him from the stretching that Bill was concentrating on. The more Bill kissed him, the more Tom relaxed under him. After a short while, Tom began to enjoy the feeling of those thin, cool fingers working inside of him.

A few minutes later, the fingers were pulled out and Tom stared, horrified as Bill coated his hard cock with the lotion. It was sexual, the way the singer’s hand slowly, but firmly moved up and down his hard shaft. Tom couldn’t help but feel scared at the thought of how such a big thing was going to fit into his small hole.

„Here it is,“ Bill said in a low voice, as if not to scare the younger teen. „You ready?“
„A-actually,“ Tom tried to pull away, but Bill stopped him, and shook his head.
„Don’t give up, Tom. Not now. You’re prepared, and I promise as soon as the initial pain is gone, you will feel amazing, and so will I.“
„But I-„
Bill silenced his objection with his lips. The kiss was rough and hard, but to Bill’s surprise, the teen underneath him cooperated more than willingly. „It’s okay. I’m gonna put it inside you now, okay?“

Ghosting his lips against Tom’s, Bill smiled when Tom stiffly nodded. The singer knew he was pushing Tom too much, but he was sure the teenage boy wanted it but he was just afraid. And in moments like this, a bit of force is needed.

Kissing Tom deeply, and forgetting about protection, the black haired singer slowly pushed the tip of his cock inside Tom’s small, tight virgin hole. For Bill, it was an amazing feeling, being squeezed by tight muscles while slowly sliding inside a hot body. For Tom though, it was a painful experience. Tom squeezed his eyes shut tightly, set his teeth and held his breath. It was so painful, being penetrated by Bill’s big dick. He was sure the singer was going to tear him apart.
„You can breathe now.“
A soft voice was heard over the pounding in Tom’s ears, and the younger of the two tried to breath in some air. Bill was fully inside him. His balls lightly touched Tom’s ass, and the singer held still, only due to sheer willpower. He wanted to pull away and then thrust inside again, but he knew that Tom needed to get used to the new feeling before he could move.
Lightly stroking his hot, sweating face, Bill smiled down at Tom and kissed his closed eyelids. He could feel the hot air that slowly left Tom’s nostrils as the boy tried to calm himself a bit. His lips were firmly pressed together when Bill started kissing them lightly. It didn’t take long before Tom returned the few gentle kisses and turned them into a full-loving kiss.
„O-okay, you… you can, move… now.“
Tom’s voice betrayed him, as it cracked in the middle of his sentence and became hoarse from the arousal and odd feeling coming from his butt. It was burning, but the longer Bill remained motionless deep inside him, the more okay Tom felt.
At Tom’s consent, Bill pulled out just a tiny bit and watched Tom’s face for any signs of discomfort. He didn’t see any at first, but then a bit of a painful expression crossed Tom’s features. When the teenager didn’t say anything and just held his breath, Bill gave into his urge. He pulled out almost all the way and then gently thrust back inside. His sudden movement made the orphan teen whimper with pain, but Bill didn’t care anymore; he knew the boy would get used to it not long afterward and would like it. His needs and lust were now more important; it had been awhile since Bill was the one on top.
Hard angular hips thrust against Tom’s ass. Hot puffs of air blew in Tom’s face as Bill moved inside of him with a steady pace. Tom still had his eyes shut. The hard dick inside his butt still wasn’t really pleasurable, but it didn’t hurt anymore. The feeling was odd now. It wasn’t a bad odd, just odd.

With a silent command from the singer, Tom put his hands on Bill’s hips and squeezed them hard with each thrust. He slowly bucked his hips upward. It wasn’t until the second or third thrust when the first pleasurable feeling shot through his body.

A low whimper left his lips and Tom arched his back. „Touch me, please just… oh god…“
„You like it already?“
Bill’s voice was hoarse, and it trembled a bit with arousal. His breath blew hot against Tom’s sweaty skin. Bill was really enjoying the younger teen’s tight, warm body. The knowledge that the teen was finally enjoying himself made the experience just that much better. Although Bill never cared for any one else‘ pleasure that much, he really wanted this to be a good first sexual experience for the orphaned teenager.
„Y-yes, you feel amazing!“ the teen groaned and bucked his hips upward, matching the rhythm Bill had set. „Just touch me, for fuck’s sake!“
„Oh, you little sweet commander,“ Bill cooed teasingly and chuckled. He reached his hand between their hot, sweating bodies and grabbed Tom’s hard, pulsing dick firmly in his hand. He squeezed hard with each thrust to the teen underneath him. This really was not something Bill had expected from the visit to the orphanage when his manager told him where he’d be performing for the Christmas benefit concert. And most surely he really didn’t expect to be doing this with a local teen during his unwilling stay in this house of abandoned young souls. But Bill wasn’t complaining; Tom was a real, good fuck and a great companion to spend time with.
They found the best rhythm and speed for them both and moved in synchronized pleasure. Bill thrust steadily in and out with an increasing pace. His hand firmly and skillfully stroked the dread head’s hard cock. Bill knew he had Tom successfully hot and bothered as Tom moaned uncontrollably, mixing his hot breaths with Bill’s.
The initial odd and uncomfortable feeling had turned into the most exciting and thrilling feeling Tom had ever felt. Their hot, sweating bodies were pressed together and Bill’s repeated assault on the bundle of nerves within Tom’s channel made the younger teen moan even louder. Tom knew he wouldn’t last much longer under Bill’s determined thrusts.
„I-Bill, I-„
„Ssh, it’s okay, it’s okay,“ Bill breathed out between deep thrusts. He kissed Tom deeply then said, „It’s okay, come for me, baby.“
The singer’s words, in combination with the deep thrusts and stroking of his own cock, made Tom lose all control. A strangled scream left his lips as he arched his back and released the most intense climax his young body had ever experienced.
Bill milked the last bit of Tom’s climax from his now softening cock. It was just a moment later, as the spasms of Tom’s channel started to lessen, that Bill came too, hard and deep inside of the teen.

Bill smiled at the thought that he was truly Tom’s first, and he felt so honored.
author: Denie
betaread: TokioJax

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