Our Very First Twincest

author: amazinglife2011

Warning: Contains Twincest and ediologically sensitive materials, please do not read if you do not life twc.

I was sitting down on the stage. I had stopped singing but Tom was still playing his guitar. Gustav was on a mood to tackle him. They were on an instrumental faceoff and Georg needed a break. He was backstage for a cold drink. Today we woke up early, at 4:00 AM. Tomorrow will be the last show and we wanted it to be the show of the year. And so rehearsals were getting hectic with each hour. I sat silent and listened to the musical face off. Both Tom and Gustav were playing their best but the faceoff gets more interesting when Tom and Georg take part in it. Tom really envies Georg for being such a graceful bassist. Tom sometimes wishes he could play bass like Georg. I only laugh when Tom talk about it. And when it comes to Gustav’s drums, Tom only likes to play with the sticks around his fingers and keep chanting ‚Not everyone can do this‘. Tom is funny at times. He would have been a comedian or a sequential fucker if he weren’t a guitarist.

I chuckled as the sweet thought of him crossed my mind. I stood on my feet.
„Boys…!“ I clapped my palms loudly to get their attention. Tom did not care but Gustav did. He stopped and grinned cheekily at me. He looked childish. I couldn’t help smiling back at my chubby drummer friend. Now it was Tom’s turn. His face was yelling at all of us that he was not going to stop. Even after that stubborn look I tried my luck. „Tom… Stop it now! We’ve got sound checks to do,“ I yelled over his loud guitar. He did not stop. I really could not figure out whether he heard me or his guitar was louder than me. I looked sideways for my mic. One of the random staffs handed me the mic. „Thanks'“ I mouthed. Surprisingly he got me very easily where Tom didn’t. I turned and checked the mic. It was all fine. I prepared myself to yell at Tom when suddenly Tom impeded. My mouth was still open, words were on the tongue to jump out but that was not necessary anymore.

„Who was the best, Bill?“ was the first thing Tom said to me so far. I closed my mouth and raised my pierced eyebrow.

„In what?“
„The faceoff,“ said Tom wiping the tiny drop of sweat from his forehead. He looked satisfied.

I rather chose to break his pleased little heart.

„That musical one? Was that even a faceoff? Who doesn’t know Gustav is best at his drums?“ I shrugged off the matter but Tom still looked proud of himself. He scoffed and glared at me.
„You always have a wrong sense of musicians,“ he sounded rude, to me. He has got some dignity. I rolled my eyes and looked away from him. Georg appeared out of nowhere meanwhile. All of us took our positions. Georg was giving his guitar a final check before starting while Tom and Gustav were mouthing something to each other. I don’t know why I didn’t get what they were talking about. I wanted to know but Tom was evil sometimes. He loves to torture me. I know he loves it though he always says that he shares everything with me. Sometimes I feel like kicking on his butt with my boots on. I rolled my eyes and returned to my present where the three boys were waiting for my cue to start the music. Then we went on with rehearsals. I wanted no more interruptions of Tom’s thoughts.


Later that day we were in the car, on the way to a studio concert. Tom was sitting next to me. We bothers were between Georg and Gustav. Tom was texting in his phone to some random escort who was keeping my twin busy in a sex chat. I was more into my nails. The black nail paint was chipped at the tip of my ring finger. They needed to be re-polished. I sharply scanned my nails. It really didn’t look good. I started peeling off the nail paint with my other nail. The small scraps were flying around the air as I peeled them off of my nail. I could polish it again at the backstage. Tom slapped on my arm. I snapped.

„What!?“ I glared. He pointed at his thigh. I grimaced and looked down where he was indicating. Well, I really did not expect my brother show me the engorgement on his pant which was natural during a sex chat. But why did he need to show me that organ arousing? I glowered at him and looked away immediately. Tom chuckled which really surprised me. I looked back at him where he was dusting the scraps of nail paint from his thigh. Oh, he was actually pointing at his thigh and I thought… well that wasn’t my fault. It’s his orgasm that caught my attention. I felt my cheeks burn in self ignominy. I could not look at Tom anymore when he was smirking at me for being such an idiot. He was still texting though.

We reached the studio. I first ran to the dressing room where I needed to apply my black nail polish. I looked for it for a while in drawers and finally succeeded when it flashed at the counter. I grabbed it and quickly opened the container when someone knocked at the door. I sighed exasperatedly.

„Come in,“ disturbance was in my voice. Tom walked inside locking the door behind him. „You… now? What are you doing here? Weren’t you supposed to be doing the final sound checks?“ I was surprised, actually surprised.

Tom smiled. „Why? Can’t I even talk to my younger brother?“ he smirked, playfully approaching near which rather seemed to be a warning to me. I raised my eyebrows and stood immediately. Somehow I felt like I should back away from my brother while he was coming near.

„What… do you want something from me?“ I stammered as my feet were going further back. At last I was against the wall. Tom did not stop. He was still walking close. What did he want? I gulped. „Tomi… What… what happened?“ I tripped over my tongue. He was now close to me, very close. He put his palms on the wall on my both sides. I was now between his arm restrictions. I felt my throat drying up. Why do I always feel nervous whenever Tom smiles at me mysteriously and especially when he’s alone with me in some quiet place. I feel like I can’t breathe anymore. I feel suffocation. I feel sweaty. I feel weird. It was now more awkward since the nail paint incident in the car. Tom was leaning in. I stared at him with wide eyes and a hung open mouth. Was he going to kiss me? How would I look at him when he’ll be done kissing me? Won’t I be shy to face him? How would I talk to him? Everything will be awkward between us. I could not let that happen. This should have an end. Before Tom’s lips could touch mine I put my hand between our lips, covering myself from him so that he will not be able to do what he wanted to. Tom frowned at me. I could not face him. I closed my eyes. Thank god I had my black makeup on. I would have died with timidity without makeup. Tom put his fingers in my jet black hair. My eyes wide opened instantly. Why hair? I had not made the Mohawk today. I have perfectly amassed it bulging a little bit. I had put a lot of hairspray in it. Would Tom mess with my hair now? I swallowed the lump in my throat. Tom was coldly staring down at my face. I could not meet his eyes. They were manly, matured. He gently brushed his fingers in my hair. He was splitting the joints between each tress as they were stuck with each other for the hairspray. My eyes almost came out of their purse. „Tom, don’t do it… you’re ruining my hair.“

Tom smirked. „I won’t if you let me kiss you,“ he stroked my jaw line with his index finger. He was talking about a kiss. Seriously? Why would he want to kiss me all of a sudden? Who woke that incest in him? I shook my head. „Are you nuts? Why would I let you kiss me? This is wrong?“

„No it’s not… we can try at least… this is gonna be cool, trust me.“

„Shut up, Tom.“ I tried to push him away but he was stiff against me and that is when I noticed his swelled area of pants was touched to mine. I did not know if I blushed but I could feel my cheeks burn with apprehension. I had no idea what he was even talking about. „Tomi… get a hold of yourself. What are you doing?“ I said, my eyes at the floor, hiding from his eyes. He took my chin and made me look at him. That was embarrassing. He was forcing me to face him which was impossible at the moment.
„Look into eyes,“ he ordered rightfully. I could not. I could feel his breathe getting closer to me. It was warm. It was burning me inside, too hot. I swallowed as it hurt in my throat. A strange nervous pain struggled in my stomach. I tried to dodge as his lips touched mine but he grabbed my arm close to him and held me firmly against his body. I knew I turned pale. Tom has never ever touched me like this. I could feel my whole body burning in diffidence and failure. Tom’s lip ring was cold, so cold. Slowly he put his tongue out of his mouth and licked the bottom of my lip. He was waiting for me to open my mouth and permit his tongue to explore it. I did not want to do it. And I was already frozen at his strange touches on my chest and his other hand was on my back. Slowly his hand was going down. I panicked with the move especially when he squeezed on my butt. I was horrified. I immediately opened my mouth for an urgent gasp and Tom took the advantage.
He slid his tongue inside my mouth which made me taken aback. He started sucking in my mouth and hungrily he licked on the tongue piercing I had. He was pulling me close though we had not had a single inch distance between us. He was fondling his swelled up area to me. I could not protest. It did not feel wrong. Besides, I felt so weak at the moment. I was just standing like a lifeless mannequin. Tom wanted me to reply his kiss but I couldn’t. He was so warm, burning me. I wanted the wall behind me open up and ingest me away from my twin. He was touching me. He was eating me and it still did not feel wrong. It felt like I was getting buried inside him as the seconds passed. Surprisingly, I did not even cry. Why didn’t I cry or protest if I didn’t want him to touch me? Why did it feel so right, so nice? Tom had ruined my hair by now. He was hungrily stroking himself against me. And the crazy sensation made me melt when he pressed his dick on mine. I needed a serious breathe. It’s been seven minutes since he was sucking on my mouth. I could not but push him slightly away and take a deep inhale. I huffed. Tom wiped his lip and licked his lip ring and he also huffed at the same time. I was swiftly backed to the present where everything he did seemed wrong. I glared at him „Fuck you“ I pushed him away and ran to the door. Unfortunately it took time to open the lock. Tom smirked. I could hear him chuckling behind me. I did not dare to look behind and quickly opened the door and ran away from the awkward situation.


The studio concert went well. Tom looked happy on his successful kiss. He was also checking out the girls around the studio. However I managed to sing while passing by my brother. The after party was cool too. But I kept myself away from him. He could do the same once again. You never know! Then we returned to the hotel. Tom did not talk to me since the incident but he smirked every time I looked at him. And it was embarrassing that our eyes met every time I tried to check on him sneakily. As I reached the door of my room, Tom spoke from his door.

„We need an urgent talk,“ he uttered coldly. I inhaled and pretended as if I did not hear him. But everyone knew that I heard him because they also heard him. Georg and Gustav exchanged a quick glance and headed to their own rooms. Who knows what they were thinking at the moment. I quietly walked inside of my room. „Meet me in half an hour,“ Tom yelled notifying before I closed the door. I sighed. It was a relief now. Every time I blinked, those touches and the closer view of Tom’s face flashed in my eyes. I rolled my eyes and part by part put off my clothes. I needed an urgent shower. I would meet Tom but a little late.

One hour later I was lying on my bed. The time was around 3:30 AM. I silently stared at the ceiling as the thoughts of Tom’s made the images at the ceiling. Today was the first time I got touched like this in my life, that too from my own twin brother. Unconsciously a smile spread down my face. I knew I was smiling. Tom was full of surprises. It was a little irritating when I had to redo my hair after running away from him in other dressing room. He was warm, so full of heat; hot enough to burn me to ashes. I would seriously need an air conditioner if I ever have sex with him. I blushed as the thought of sex crossed my mind. Smiling to yourself was not a good symptom. Sometimes it designates that you’re in love. Tom was waiting for me. I stood from the bed and put on a pajama over my boxers and just a thin comfortable t-shirt. I put on my slippers and silently walked out of my room. I locked the door and headed for Tom’s room. The key was still in my hand. My heart was beating faster as I knocked at the door.

„Tomi“ I whispered. It was a sure thing that he was still awake especially when he opened the door at the second knock. He grinned at me widely, affectionately. He caressed on my head and kissed on my cheek.
„Come on in,“ he pulled me inside. Now the moment was a little comfortable for his brotherly behavior. I grinned back.
„The show went well, right?“ I tried to go on with the conversation. We sat on the couch. Tom sat with his both legs pulled up and I sat crossing my legs.

„But I liked the after party,“ Tom co-operated as he took the box of cigarette from the desk. He pulled out a cigarette and offered me one. I wanted to smoke but I just brushed my teeth. I did not want to smell like the cigarette.

„No thanks,“ I shook my head. Tom looked confused. He stared at me for a while as some unknown thoughts crossed his mind. He shrugged and put the cigarette back into the box.
„Okay, I won’t smoke as well,“ he threw it on the desk. I looked over his shoulder. That was doubtful and surprising. Tom Kaulitz did not smoke just because his brother did not smoke. I suspiciously watched him for a while. Then it was my turn to act normal. He was my brother. He loves me and he could sacrifice a cigarette for me. What’s the big deal? I sighed. Tom chuckled. „So… you thought about it?“

I looked at him.

„About what?“
„The kiss.“ Tom notified, licking the lip ring to allure me. I raised my eyebrows. He was not going to be a good boy, never. I sighed.
„Tom… You shouldn’t have kissed me,“ I moved one leg from over the other and pulled myself little closer to him. „I mean it’s wrong… what’s gotten into you?“
Tom sneered. „Come on, Bill, you can try me. I’m not that bad.“ I rolled my eyes at his offer. He looked like a sick stupid perverted asshole. „I know you’re tasty… so am I. We should do this experiment on each other,“ he suggested, still licking the lip ring with slight smiles. Did he call me TASTY? I narrowed my eyes.
„What experiment?“

Tom smiled naughtily. „Incest experiment,“ he was waiting for my next reaction. I gasped in disbelief. „Fuck me! You’ve changed your programming. Where is your extremely straight dick now?“

„Straight to get inside of you,“ he teased. I turned pale.
„Tom…“ I looked away as it burned again in my cheeks.
„Do you know you’re blushing?“ Tom smirked. I glowered at him.
„Tomi, why don’t you understand it’s wrong? What if Georg and Gustav comes to know about it?“

„Puke over them… I wanna have sex with you.“ He sounded serious. I wanted to say something but he interrupted. „Bill, please you have to trust me… just give it a try. I won’t let you down. Once you do it, you’ll be demanding to do it again,“ he looked trustworthy. I trusted him but… you know how strange it feels. I sighed.

„Bill, please… Just one attempt,“ he requested. How would not I believe my brother? He really made me confused. I looked at him for one last time. His eyes were assuring. They were caring. I sighed and shrugged.
„Okay,“ at last I surrendered. This was going to be a peculiar night. A wide grin flashed on Tom’s face. He stood and stretched out his arm. I stared at him with confused eyes and he waited for my hand. I sighed, admitting my defeat. I gave him my hand. He gently pulled me as I stood. We walked to the bed.

„Well, this is gonna hurt a little but I won’t hurt you very much. I’ll be slow, okay?“ He explained, still holding my hands. I shrugged checking out the plain area down his body. This is going to swell up in a few minutes. Tom surely noticed it because he was smiling when I looked at him. He took a step ahead and filled the distance between us. My hair was fallen around. Tom moved the tresses back and softly kissed on my neck which gave me goose bumps. His lips were cold and gentle on my skin. He made me sit on the bed and sat in front of me. I looked down timidly as he started licking around my neck. It really made me shiver. He slowly stroked his hand down my body and pulled my t-shirt over my head. I was half naked. Tom stared hungrily at the nipple piercing I had and touched it for a while. I swallowed. It was getting tougher for me. He had started licking my nipple piercing by now. My chest was getting wet with his dribble. I closed my eyes. Something was working inside me too. I could feel my pant swelling. Tom’s was already aroused. He made me slouch and topped over me. His provoked dick was touching my stomach. He leaned in and licked on my lips. I pulled myself a bit upwards to assist him. I opened my mouth and he slid his tongue inside my mouth. I too licked his tongue. It was scrumptious. Suddenly I felt greedy for more of him. I wrapped my arm around him and grabbed his hair gently not breaking our delicious kiss. His taste was lip smacking. His dick was rubbing mine. We enthusiastically sucked each other’s mouth. I wanted him more. Who would believe that I was against it a few minutes before? Tom broke the kiss and pulled back. He pulled down my pajama and I also took the advantage. I opened the zipper of his baggy jeans. He helped me getting off of his pant. We put off our boxers. Tom softly caressed on my bare torso as I closed my eyes. He turned me over. „It’s gonna hurt a little, Billa… be strong.“

„I am strong.“ I cleared with dignity. Tom smirked.

„We’ll see,“ he whispered on my neck. His breath tickled me. I chuckled. He slowly stroked his fingers over my bare back and kissed once on my back. At last his hand was on my butt. He spread my legs. What was he up to? To my surprise he put his finger in my entrance. I gasped immediately.
„Tom!“ I groaned in pain. Tom softly hushed in my ear.
„It’s gonna be fine… be strong,“ he reassured. I squeezed my eyes shut and waited for his next move. He added another finger. I squeezed my eyes more. It really burned in my entrance as he started fingering me. „You’re gonna be hurt… wait,“ he put the fingers out and ran away for something. I lay there and waited for him. It was burning. I wondered how it would be when his dick will be inside me. Tom backed with lube. „This will lessen your pain,“ he explained uncapping the container. I remained the same. I felt the thick liquid on my ass. Tom put three of his fingers in the entrance with the lube. I bit on the bottom of my lip. It was now turning into a pleasure though it still burned a little. Tom fingered me as I crazily, unconsciously moaned his name. The lube had actually made it easier. Tom put the fingers out and I left a deep relieved breathe. That pleasure was killing me inside as I was dying to get fucked by my brother.

„Wanna suck my dick?“ Tom offered when I was wondering things. I looked back and shied.

„Sure,“ I smiled a little. Tom chuckled.
„You glow when you blush… You’re beautiful, very gorgeous,“ his remark made go redder. I sat and left the bed. Tom stood in front of me. His dick was aroused, thick and hard. I was going to lick it. I felt greedy for it. I sat down in front of him and touched his dick, so hard. I licked on it. Tom chuckled as my cold tongue piercing tickled him. My tongue played with his dick. I covetously sucked on his dick. Tom was moaning in pleasure. „Good job, Billa. Proud of you,“ he muttered with extreme indulgence. He was right. Once I do it, I’ll be demanding to do it again. This was a crazy feeling.
At last I was done with my job. Tom was smiling down at me with contentment. He made me lie on the bed once again and turned me over.
„Don’t be scared… and be strong as I said. It’s gonna hurt you,“ he was warning me again and again.
„Shut up, Tomi… just do it. I’m dying for it,“ I scolded whispering. Tom smirked. He spread my legs and left a deep breath. He held on my hips and forced his thick dick inside of me. „GOD!!!!!!!!!!!“ I groaned immediately.
„Shh, shh calm down… this will be easier soon,“ he assured and pulled my hips upwards. I moaned in pleasure.
„Tom, more… give me more! Harder Tom… harder… I’m dying for it!!“ I begged to get more fucked. This experience was more pleasant than a stage show. It was going to make me crazy and Tom’s forever. I was melting. Tom was penetrating my ass. His dick was hard. He had given me the best pleasure of my life that I’ve been seeking for. I crazily moaned and begged for more pain. I was not a virgin anymore. My ass was hurting and enjoying the dick inside at the same time.
Tom was now going faster. He was so strong I had to admit. He was keenly pulling my hips upwards. Even my hips were hurting now. I was all made for him. Giving it a try was the right decision. Tom was fucking me and I was loving it. I wanted him to fuck me till bleed. Tom was cumming inside me. It had lessened the pain more. I was sighing in relief and satisfaction. Tom has completed me tonight. He has broken my virginity. He has penetrated me. He has touched each section of my body. He has seen me naked. His body was perfect for mine. Everything was changed in one hour. Tom put his dick out of my ass when he was done cumming. It hurt a little. I enjoyed the pain. He lay next to me. I turned and looked into his eyes. The dark honey brown orbs were glowing down on me. I was feeling special. Tom was mine. He has made himself mine.
„I love you so fucking much, Tomi,“ I murmured. Tom placed a soft kiss on my lips.
„I too damn love you so much,“ he replied humorously. I laughed cheerfully.
„Thanks for making me realize that we both deserved it.“ I wrapped my arms around his neck. He laughed softly and caressed on my head.
„I’m glad you liked it.“ I grinned. This was the best night, best experience of my life. It was our very first twincest.

author: amazinglife2011

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  1. wow what a very nice story! 🙂 I like the very end, it's cute! thanx for this beautiful oneshot !

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