In The Dark Room 1/2

author: amazinglife2011

Amazinglife2011 nám kromě svých montáží poslala i dvě twincestní jednodílky, jsou samozřejmě v angličtině, a dnes je tu první… byla trochu delší, takže je rozdělená na dva díly. Kdo umíte anglicky, užijte si to. Pokud byste se někdo chtěl ujmout překladu, ozvěte se, myslím, že by nebyl problém. Pa, J. :o)

WARNING: Contains – Extreme adult contents, Twincest, Slangs and Ideologically sensitive materials. Under 18 are strictly advised to give a second thought before reading and those who aren’t interested in TWC, are suggested to not read this fiction. Tokio hotel belongs to their owner. I own nothing but the plot. Don’t like twincest, don’t read it. Thank you.

Bill shook his head stubbornly as Georg and Gustav laughed pointing their fingers at the singer of their band. Bill folded his arms over his tummy and looked away with a frown „That’s cheating guys. You two had done something very tricky in the game“ „Oh come on! Just accept the truth, Bill. You’ve lost the game and you will have to do what we want as we dealt“ Georg said leaving the couch and standing right in front of the singer. Bill grimaced „As if I’m gonna do it.“

Gustav leaned back comfortably on the back of the couch putting his arms on both sides „You have to do it. That’s the game, Bill. Come on… please. Don’t be so stubborn. It’s just a game“ Bill gave them a bitter look and sighed as succumb. „Fine. What do I have to do?“

„Hmmm…“ Georg nodded to himself „Now that’s something to think about“ he rubbed his jaw meaningfully, looking like he was thinking of something very important. Bill rolled his eyes and pushed Georg backwards and crouched down to put on his boots. He had been wearing them since the morning. His feet were aching, so he put them off for a while. That was a little break backstage before an interview when the boys played a video game and Bill lost the game. And now they were deciding what Bill has to do according to their deal. Bill thought Gustav would be the one who will lose. Poor singer had already fixed Gustav’s dare but he has been defeated instead.

Bill just finished wearing the boots and the bassist, Georg slammed his palms together with a silly noise. Bill and Gustav looked up to him instantly. Georg had a mischievous smile playing on his face. Bill scoffed with an arrogant face and stood putting his hands on his waist „What is it?“

„You have to get on Tom’s nerves and get at least one punch on your face from him. How about that?“ Georg offered. That made no sense to Bill. Gustav burst into laughter.

„What the… ! Okay let’s just say it straightforwardly; you guys wanna get me killed, don’t you?“ Bill said, uninterested and disagreeing with their offer. Georg and Gustav giggled and had a high-five. Bill huffed, „Guys! That’s not fair. I don’t wanna ruin my face“ his face was crumpled with irritation. Tom was Bill’s identical twin and he was a short-tempered guy. Not that he always explodes on everyone. He gets furious on reasons. Bill and Tom often have fights and they also hit each other on their faces giving black eyes to each other but since they were in their tour, Bill preferred no bruises on his face. He did not want a single mark.

„Okay, so we’re done here. A punch from Tom will be your dare“ Gustav declared and stood from the couch. Bill’s frown thickened. The G’s completely ignored that bitter look on Bill’s face and walked away from the room declaring one last time that they need the proof that Bill really got on Tom’s nerves. Bill rolled his eyes and gave a last check on himself into the mirror.

Later that evening

Tom just returned from the walk with his dog, Scotty. The day was really tiring but he never forgets to give his dog a walk every evening. It’s been two hours they finished their interviews. Tom gave the receptionist a quick flirty smile and headed towards the elevator while Bill yelled from afar „Hold on! Hold it for me, Tom!“ he came running from the lobby. Tom frowned and held the elevator for his brother. He looked down to his dog and gave it an affectionate smile. The dog poked his red tongue out and sat down comfortably, staring right into the eyes of its owner. Tom grinned. He crouched down and patted on its head „My big boy“ he murmured.

Bill jumped in with heavy breaths. „Jeez, Bill! It’s an elevator, not a jump tent. Careful!“ he scolded. Bill grinned sheepishly at his twin „Sorry and thanks for holding it!“

Tom chuckled „You were fucking someone or someone was fucking you. Which one?“ he teased watching Bill breathing way too heavily. Bill clicked his tongue „Neither. I just ran to get the elevator.“

Tom smirked „Groupies are waiting in your room?“ Bill grimaced arrogantly and shook his head. „That’s your job. Not mine. I don’t stand stranger girls on my bed“ Tom’s smirk thickened. He looked away smiling and pressed on the button where they were staying. Bill crouched down and wrapped his arm around the dog’s neck and kissed on its head „hey baby… how was the walk?“ he mumbled warmly in its ear. It just licked the half of Bill’s face in return. Bill grinned and postured straight. The twins exchanged a short smile.

As the elevator stopped on the 9th floor, the brothers came out in order. Tom went to his room locking the door behind and left a deep breath. He just wanted to sleep, no groupies tonight. He pulled the belt out from the neck of his dog. He caressed on its head and put the chain on the bedside desk. The dog jumped on the bed and sighed peacefully, lying down. Tom shrugged out of his loose jacket and sat on the edge of the bed. Meanwhile Bill knocked at the door. „Tom! It’s me open the door“ he called from outside. Tom rolled his eyes and walked to the door. He turned the knob and opened it.

Immediately Bill put his palm on Tom’s face with a slam and ran away from the corridor leaving a shocked Tom behind. It took Tom a whole minute to discover that Bill had just put jelly on his face and ran away with a stupidly mischievous laugh. As soon as he came up with the whole moment, his face hardened. He did not even want to touch his face. First of all, he went inside and washed his face and then headed straight to his younger twin’s room. He knocked „Open the door“ Bill didn’t.

„Open the door, Bill!“ A little louder than the last time. From the other corner, the G’s were sneaking behind the wall and watching the whole scene. They giggled. „Open the damn door you asshole!“ Tom yelled. Bill opened this time „What?“ he leaned against the door frame and put his hand on his waist. He was acting like nothing happened a few minutes ago.

Tom folded his arms „What the fuck was that?“ he asked, glaring. Bill shrugged „I just felt like doing it“

„Oh yeah right“ Tom rolled his eyes „But that wasn’t convincing, little brother.“

Bill chuckled crookedly „Your face was looking like that. Like you wanted to eat jelly“ „Oh you mean me I was looking like bread?“ Tom huffed, getting nerves.

Bill made a fake pouty face „Aww Tomi, don’t get angry. I’ll suck your dick. Happy?“ Bill mocked. Tom sulked in disbelief „What the fuck!“ Bill giggled impishly. Tom narrowed his eyes and suddenly placed a hard smack on Bill’s face. It was too hard that Bill tripped backward and hit the half opened door harshly. Instantly Bill made a painful creaky noise, his face crumpled at the sudden pang on his spine. The smack was not that much hard comparing to the spine hit.

Tom widened his eyes „Oh god!“ he quickly pulled Bill inside the room by his elbow and made him sit on the bed. Bill was still whining in pain while rubbing on his spine. His eyes were completely diluted. It hurt so much that he wanted to cry out loud. Tom felt sorry for being a hasty stupid. He softly rubbed on Bill’s back and Bill made another painful noise. Tom immediately pulled his hand away „I’m sorry… I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you like this“ he really sounded apologetic on his stupidity. Bill pouted at his brother. Tom sighed „Why did you need to do that anyway? You’re at fault too…“ He pouted back. Bill glowered. He stood from the bed and whooshed towards the door. Tom stood, uncertain of Bill’s next move.

Bill closed the door and turned with two burning red eyes. Tom gulped slyly. He was sure that Bill would definitely throw something at him this time. But Bill quietly took steps towards his twin and stopped just inches away from him with a cold face. Tom raised one eyebrow. He is seriously afraid of that cold faced Bill. He swallowed „What?“ he asked which was quite a whisper.

And abruptly with no pre-warning, Bill put his hand on Tom’s penis and pressed his palm on the sensitive organ of his twin. Tom widened his eyes „What the…“ he clenched his teeth „FUCK!“ and whispered the swear word on his brother’s face. Bill stared with a cold look. In fact he tightened his grip on Tom’s penis. The tighter he held it; the widened Tom’s eyes went.

Tom put his hand on Bill’s hand and tried to move it but Bill started rubbing his twin’s dick. Tom swallowed dryly and looked into his twin’s eyes where Bill was coldly staring back. Tom was still holding Bill’s wrist but he could not fight to move it. Bill has put his hand on his twin’s weak point after all. Tom did not realize when his penis started getting hard. A very tiny amusing smirk appeared on Bill’s face as he felt his brother’s member hardening slowly. Tom wanted to scold him, slap him or protest but he couldn’t. His hands were suddenly shaking and his twin’s odd touches gave him goose bumps. Tom was feeling thirsty. And down his body, everything was out of control. He could not do anything rather than closing his eyes and feeling the passionate touches of his younger twin.

The G’s wondered what could have happened in there. They have seen Bill getting hurt on his back. The boys came out from behind the wall. They stopped in front of Bill’s door while also checking around every now and then. Georg put his ear on the door and tried to listen if the brothers were fighting or what. Gustav waited for a result.

Unconsciously Tom put his hands on Bill’s thin waist and pulled him a little closer to himself. Bill smirked watching his brother getting aroused. It was amusing to him in a way. It was just a fun for him. He just wanted to fulfill the deal that he has gotten on Tom’s nerves. Bill slowly took the zipper down of his brother’s baggy pants. Tom did not care or maybe notice. He was a sex god. He forgets everything else when he’s hard. He did not appreciate when Bill pulled his boxers down and sat right in front of his brother. But he was feeling helplessly needy for the next move of his brother. So he could not protest at last when Bill poked his tongue out of his mouth and licked the skin of his brother’s member. Tom moaned immediately. Bill took the now hard and thick erection of his brother and played around with it by his tongue. It was now upright because of Bill’s naughty touches. Bill fervently licked round the head of his twin’s dick. Tom started moaning in his very manly voice.

Bill was amused and thrilled watching his older twin suddenly losing his mind in erection, even forgetting that his own twin was sucking his member. All he did for the moment was enjoying. Tom swallowed sarcastically every now and then. He put his fingers in Bill’s hair and grabbed onto them as his body started shaking with sexual excitement. Bill was enjoying the whole thing. Tom was a joker to him for a moment. He took the advantages of his brother’s defenselessness and started sucking Tom’s dick more violently. Tom groaned in pleasure and grabbed onto Bill’s hair. Both enjoyed.

Though it was Bill’s first when he was sucking someone’s dick, he did it longer like an expert. He kept playing with his twin’s member till Tom got his orgasm. Tom was out of senses, in an unreal world where he was standing and someone was playing with his member that he enjoyed much. Bill now wanted to go before his brother cums. Bill unfolded his palm from around Tom’s dick and just was about to move when Tom grabbed him down again „No, no. Please, please… suck it!“ He begged. Bill raised one eyebrow as it produced another amusement inside him. He was feeling superior than his older manly twin. He smirked and took Tom’s dick in his mouth and it took not much longer to cum. Bill raised his eyebrows. He wanted to go now but leaving someone in the middle of orgasm was the worst torture for him. And the singer did not want to sexually afflict his brother. So he stood Tom cumming in his mouth. The younger twin had nothing else to do rather than swallowing it greedily. He enjoyed it. Even the singer was out of senses for a while. Tom cummed in his brother’s mouth and Bill swallowed his all zealously closing his eyes.

The band’s manager, David was passing by the G’s who were now trying to hear something from Bill’s room but nothing was coming out. The twins were strangely quiet. Most of the times, you can hear their deep voices when they talk and laugh but today it was weird and different. The G’s were now afraid that the twins have slaughtered each other. David paused behind the G’s and put his hand on his waist. He waited for a while, expecting them to turn and give some attention to the manager but they didn’t. So David himself cleared his throat to draw their attention. The G’s jumped and turned instantly „What? You scared us!“ Georg whispered exhaling.

David raised one eyebrow, „I’m sure you two have done something very stupid and now you’re trying to sort it out. Am I right?“ he asked like a boss. Gustav and Georg exchanged a glance.

„I think the twins are fighting again“ Gustav spoke at last. David frowned „And you two have definitely contributed on this, right?“

„No. Not me, he did. He was the one who asked Bill to get on Tom’s nerves and get punched on his face“ Gustav pointed at Georg. Very easily he put all the blames on his friend while Georg accepted his fault.

„What?!“ David huffed in disbelief „Why?“

„That was just the rule of the game. He lost the game and according to our rule Bill got to do that“ Georg shrugged, giving innocent faces to the manager while Gustav pretended as if he weren’t even in the room when Georg and Bill bet on getting on Tom’s nerves.

David shook his head, „I wonder have you two ever realized how much dupe and stupid you two are“ he scowled at the boys „Now stop eavesdropping and go to your rooms. You’ve got interviews tomorrow. Twins will calm down by themselves as soon as they’re done with their fights“ he ordered. The G’s exchanged glances. „GO!“ David scolded and the two moved from the corridor, still uncertain of seeing the twins survived next morning. David left too as soon as the G’s disappeared from the corridor.

Bill pulled back and gasped for mouthful air. Tom has just finished cumming in his mouth. Tom sighed in relief when his dick came out of Bill’s mouth for the ultimate. Bill wiped his lips with the back of his hand and rested his palms on the floor, pulling his legs up and sitting to his butt comfortably on the floor. Tom pulled his boxers and pants up and zipped it back. He was now back to senses after a real long 40 minutes. These 40 minutes have never seemed that long to Bill before. He enjoyed it though. So did Tom. Bill looked up to Tom and Tom looked down to him. They stared at each other for a long silent moment. Tom was feeling kind of shy to face him but that very casual expression on Bill’s face made him comfortable to stare back at his younger twin. On the other hand, the whole thing that just happened seemed extremely amusing to Bill. Eventually Bill gave Tom a wide toothy and shiny grin and stood. Tom helped him stand by pulling him by his wrist. Bill was still grinning. Tom nervously smiled back to his younger one „You okay?“ he asked uncomfortably. Bill energetically nodded „Yeah“

„Does it still hurt on your back?“ Tom asked about the spine pain. Bill shook his head and threw his hand in the air „Nope. It doesn’t hurt anymore. I’ll go now. I’m sleepy. Bye“ he gave Tom a final hug and walked toward the door. He paused for some reason while Tom watched his brother curiously. Bill put his hands on his waist and turned „Actually, it’s my room. This is where I’m supposed to sleep. You need to get your ass out of my room, Tom“ Bill reminded the older one. That’s when Tom realized that they were now in bill’s room. „Oh… I just didn’t notice… okay. Goodnight“ Tom rubbed his temple and spoke awkwardly. Bill watched him with his raised pieced eyebrow. Tom eventually left the room giving Bill one last smile before passing the door. Bill closed it as soon as Tom was out and giggled.

Tom felt really good that night. All this time he used to think that his little brother did not know anything without applying makeup on himself. But he has grown up, as big as Tom. He felt good about how Bill made him feel comfortable and he did not complain for hurting him. Tom sighed several times as he tossed and turned the whole night, forgetting to sleep and waking up early; just thinking about his twin and the expert acts Bill presented in front of him. Tom wanted to thank Bill for giving him such precious moments. Whatever happened, Tom did not consider it dirty. He respected his little brother. Bill was not one of those groupies who come for one night and leave you the next morning. Bill was his twin who was going to be by his side for the rest of their lives. Tom was proud of his baby brother. He wanted hug him to death and caress on that jet black Mohawk hair. He just could not stop smiling all over the night fantasizing many more things that could have happened there in the room or in the past when Tom never bothered to look into his twin who was polite and definitely sexy.

to be continue…

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  1. awww thats was so nice hun ^^ I'm so glad u send this into our blog. Well done, just wanted to know, what happened next. :3

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