In The Dark Room 2/2

Next morning

Tom could not wait to talk to Bill. He wanted to thank him and he knew Bill would not mind if he talks about last night. He knew Bill very well. Bill and the G’s were in the lobby. They were waiting for Tom. David was pacing back and forth before the three of them. Bill leaned back and sighed in relief „I’m gonna have a 48 hours‘ intimate connection with my bed as soon as we get back home“ he mumbled to himself.

„What a sleeper…“ Georg mumbled back. Bill frowned and smacked at the back Georg’s head „Don’t make me damage your nuts forever. You wouldn’t be able to show your girlfriend your donkey-face“

Georg rolled his eyes „Huh… she’d love me anyway. Even if you damage it“

„Even if you can’t knock her up?“ Bill teased. Georg grimaced. Bill and Gustav giggled.

„Boys, where on earth is our guitarist?“ David interrupted. Bill shrugged „He’ll be here in not time. Relax!“ he said very energetically and leaned on Georg „Mmmm… Your muscles are as spongy and smooth as my pillow“ he sang humorously. David chuckled and sat on a sofa and peeked on his wristwatch over and over. Georg leaned away from Bill and now they were fighting with playful slaps on each other. All of a sudden, Gustav interjected „Bill, what happened last night with Tom?“

David and Georg paused to listen. Bill snapped. He did not want them to know about it but he would love to share anyway. Bill moved from Georg’s body and sat on his own place „Well, I sucked his dick. Do you believe that?“ he confessed very casually because he knew that no one would believe.

Every rolled their eyes „Yeah… right“ Georg shook his head. „No seriously I did“ Bill forced his words. Meanwhile Tom came. He wanted to call everyone to draw their attention but he paused as he heard the current topic they were talking about. He wanted to know too if everyone believes or not and what Bill feels about it.

Bill rolled his eyes and postured straight, „No guys! I did suck his dick“

„Truth Bill, TRUTH“ Gustav said uninterestedly „We’re interested in your excuses to change the topic“ Bill shrugged „Fine. If you don’t believe me… … then let’s just say that I made a fool of Tom. He was completely mad at me. I put jelly on his face. He was looking exactly like Georg“

„I don’t roam with jelly on my face“ Georg objected. Bill scowled „But you look pink, do you know that?“

„Shut up“ Georg looked annoyed. Bill giggled.

„Yeah and maybe you hit yourself on the back, didn’t you? What happened then?“ Gustav carried on. Bill’s childish smiley face turned into a little confused frown „Well…“ He thought something for a while and spoke „I made a fool of him again. But he didn’t punch me the second time. That was a little confusing. Well I thought so but then I recognized that my brother is a perverted and of course rotten brained. So nothing happened… rather he thought I was serious about what happened last night. It was funny“ Bill could not make the concept clear to the G’s and his manager but Tom was completely clear with his idea. He felt betrayed and dishonored. He did not expect his brother to make a fool of him like that. He actually sucked his dick last night and the next morning, he owned another language to speak. Tom wanted to punch hard on Bill’s face but that would not bring any solution. He felt awkward for letting his little cunning brother touch him that way. Bill has wasted complete 40 minutes of his life. Tom exhaled noisily that caught everyone’s attention.

David sighed in relief „Thank god you’re here. I thought you flew back to Germany“ David mocked. Tom grimaced and walked out of the hotel. Without anymore words, others followed after him and all of them got into the SUV. Bill sat next to Tom. He looked completely chilled and energized while Tom burned inside in fury. How could you talk to your brother about a sexual moment you shared with him without any expectation? He felt stupid for allowing Bill to show his ridiculousness.

The whole day, Tom wondered how exactly he let that happen last night. He often observed Bill’s facial expression but there wasn’t any change in him. Bill was acting as if nothing had happened, not even the goodnight hug. Tom wanted to pull his hair or give him unremitting ten slaps on his bony jaws. They attended interviews, photo shoots and also the studio concerts. Everything went satisfyingly well. Bill has changed his clothes four times today and every time in front of the band boys; in a jiffy. And every time Tom observed him with sharp dirty looks. He never noticed how sexy and feminine figure Bill had. He recalled last night’s incident as many times as he saw his brother changing his clothes in front of him without any hesitation.

But Tom needed to talk to Bill about it. He could not spend his times thinking of how sexy his brother is. He waited patiently till their schedules for today were done and they were back to the hotel. Everyone changed into their casual clothes and ordered their dinner individually in their rooms except Tom and Bill. They always eat together. In fact they do everything together. Tom was happy that he will finally get some time to talk to him. Tom’s room was decided for tonight to have dinner. After Tom returned from the walk with his dog and freshened up, Bill knocked to the door. Tom did not delay in opening it. He has already ordered everything which was now freshly glowing on the table. Bill glanced at the foods and closed his eyes, breathing in the aroma of them.

„Apparently tonight’s food will be much tastier“ Bill said greedily rubbing his palms against each other. Tom raised one eyebrow „Well I hope so“ he folded his arms across his chest and exhaled „So… what was happening last night?“ he tried his best to look radical. Bill narrowed his eyes „Last night? Oh…“ he laughed „That was just fun, Tom. You’re so stupid and seriously? How come you couldn’t stop me? You perv!“ he chuckled. Tom grimaced and stared coldly at him.

„What?“ Bill shrugged „I’m not the one who begged to do this. You were begging me to suck your dick“

„Oh you think it’s funny?“ Tom huffed in disbelief. „Of course! It IS funny. You can’t control yourself. Isn’t it funny or what?“ Bill argued. He was getting on Tom’s nerves. Without any precaution Tom attacked and pinned Bill hard against the wall „It’s not funny!“ he uttered through clenched teeth. Bill’s smile faded from his face „Relax, Tom. Don’t overreact.“

„Why not? We’re brothers and you made it all awkward by your stupid stunt last night“ Tom yelled this time. Bill frowned, „STOP IT OK?“ he yelled back. Tom immediately placed a hard slap on his face. Bill was completely shocked. He huffed, „TOM!“ He yelled. Tom did not care. The dog, which was now lying on the bed, lifted his head to figure out what could be happening between the twins. Even to the dog’s surprise, their lips collided against each other’s. Bill widened his eyes in shock. Tom forced his own body on Bill’s to firmly keep him pinned. Bill tried to push him away which actually did not work. Tom was harshly biting on his lips that hurt. Bill made painful noises that sounded more like moans. Tom’s tongue poked Bill’s lips many time, but Bill did not open his mouth. Eventually Tom grabbed Bill’s penis and Bill gasped immediately and Tom put his tongue in his twin’s mouth. Bill was now in utter fright. That was not right. It was all a joke last night but now, it was serious.

The dog jumped from the bed and lied down on the fluffy carpet, minding his own business and moaning softly. Bill struggled in the confine of Tom’s arms and abided with the forceful kiss. He knew there was a chance to be released if he kisses Tom back; if not, it may go worse. Unknowingly tears came out of his eyes, not because Tom was forcing to kiss him. It’s that it hurt in his lips when Tom bit them wildly. And when the breathing was urgent, both of them pulled back and stared at each other. Both breathing heavily, Bill with shock, Tom with amusement this time. „Tom!“ Bill whispered breathlessly, his chest swelling and tucking in with heavy breaths. Tom did not speak a word. Slowly he put his hands on Bill’s back from the wall. His fingers caressing Bill’s spine that gave Bill a chilling sensation down his spine. Tom’s warm palms stroked down Bill’s body. He paused at Bill’s waist and pulled him close with one arm and pulling Bill’s t-shirt up with another. When Bill realized that Tom was putting off his shirt, he tried to protest but failed because Tom’s grips were stronger than his. Bill sighed giving in.

In blinks Bill was shirtless. Tom was caressing his whole body with the pair of his index and middle finger. He paused at the left nipple and leaned down, softly licking on the nipple piercing that Bill had done about a year ago. Bill moaned in frustration. He wanted to yell but it was Tom with him, the one with who he could be always secured. He knew Tom wouldn’t harm him. He just kept sighing and moaning softly like that language-less dog. He glanced down at the dog every now and then, feeling ashamed for doing all these nasty things in front of him. Tom gripped firmly on Bill’s hip and Bill moaned louder in embarrassment.

Tom placed soft kisses all over Bill’s neck „Pull off my shirt“ he whispered in Bill’s ear. Bill shook his head in objection. Tom tightened his grip and Bill immediately pulled the loose t-shirt out over Tom’s head. Tom smiled „Good boy!“ he whispered. Bill pouted. He wanted to give a hard thud of fry pan on his brother’s face „I hate you!“ He whispered bitterly.

„I love you too, Bill“ Tom smiled affectionately and placed another soft kiss on his twin’s lips. Bill grimaced. Tom licked one more time on Bill’s pierced nipple. Bill moaned. „Tom, please!“ he urged. „Bill, please!“ Tom urged back. Bill swallowed thickly and stared into his brother’s eyes. Tom stared back. They stared at each other for a long lasting moment, Tom still holding him firmly.

Tom left a soft and warm breath on Bill’s face „Last night it was your fault and tonight, it would be my fault. Let me do this, Bill. You can trust me. I won’t hurt you. We’ll always be like we used to be before. Nothing will change. Just leave yourself in my arms…“ he murmured, assuring. Bill could feel the affection and truth in his voice. He knew Tom never lies to him. He sighed and nodded lightly. Tom smiled „Come“ he gently pulled Bill by his wrist. Bill followed. They paused in front of the bed. Tom started unbuttoning his pants and gestured at Bill to open his one too. Bill did as Tom suggested. In seconds, they were completely out of clothes.

Bill eyed his big brother head to toe, his throat drying up. He swallowed the limb in his throat and thousands of dirty thoughts started crossing his mind. Tom observed those eyes and smirked „You like it?“ he asked and Bill snapped his eyes from his brother’s dick to face.

„Huh…?“ He did not even hear what Tom said. Tom’s smirk thickened „Do you like it?“ he asked once more. Bill flushed red instantly „No, no… actually“ he faltered.

„Aww come on, Bill! You sucked it last night. You like it, don’t you?“

Bill nervously nodded, his eyes stuck on the floor. „Okay. Then do it again now“ Tom ordered. He did not want to be rude or rough with his baby brother but he loved dominating during sex. Bill politely nodded and took the hard member of his brother in his mouth. He knew how to do it. They had a rehearsal of it last night. Tom moaned with extreme pleasure as Bill sucked his erected dick with dexterity. None of them had complains. Both of them were new in this. Tom wanted to experience it and Bill wanted to give it a try. Bill choked several times on that hard and thick product but he did not care. Once he has stepped into it, now he did not want to turn back. Tom roughly grabbed Bill’s hair that did not really make any good effect on Bill. Tom was enjoying himself by that. Bill took pleasure of his twin’s dick in his mouth. It was a mouthful of course. Bill did not want to let go but Tom made him let go after ten minutes. Bill looked disappointed for that. Tom did not notice actually. He went to the bedside desk and pulled the drawer out. He took the bottle of lube out and pushed the drawer back.

„What’s that?“ Bill peeked over, curious. Tom looked back „Lube“ he walked back to Bill. „Get onto the bed“ he requested. Bill nervously nodded and got onto the bed. Thousands of questions were written on his face. Tom knew his brother was nervous. He gave him an assuring smile „Don’t worry. You’ll be fine. If we use this, you won’t get very much hurt“

„Will I get hurt?“ Bill looked more nervous this time. Tom smiled „Yeah, but not much. And that’s why I’m using lube“

Bill swallowed thickly „You sure?“

„Hm“ Tom nodded. Bill sighed „Go ahead. But don’t hurt me ok?“ he said in an afraid voice. Tom sighed „Bill, it’s ok. We won’t do it if you’re scared, ok?“

„NO, no! Please carry on“ Bill permitted.

„Hm“ Bill nodded „But I have one condition“ he added. Tom frowned with a smile, „A condition? What could that be?“ he smiled brotherly to comfort his scared twin.
„You’ll turn off the lights“ Bill suggested. Tom did not protest anymore. He understood that Bill was shy to do it in light. Tom nodded politely in agreement. He respected Bill’s will and turned the lights off. Bill sighed in relief. Tom backed to his twin and stood right in front of him. Just because the lights were off, doesn’t mean they could not see each other in the dark.

Bill opened his legs gradually, still feeling shy. Tom uncomplainingly waited until Bill was ready. Tom smiled and took a deep breath in. He opened the cap of the bottle and poured the thick liquid on two fingers. Bill watched curiously. Tom put the bottle on the side and crawled on the bed. Bill swallowed. Tom put one hand on Bill’s inner thigh to open his legs a little more. Bill politely moved as his brother made him move. Tom did not give him any odd expression. It could make things worse. Tom exhaled and finally put the duo of fingers inside the tiny hole of his brother which looked completely raw to be penetrated right now. Bill gasped with fear as Tom put the fingers inside. „Shh, shh… it’s ok“ Tom shushed his brother warmly. Bill nodded.

Then Tom started smoothly taking the fingers in and out reading Bill’s capacity which was clearly printed on his face. And slowly Tom added some more lube with one more finger. The entrance was expanding now. Bill groaned as Tom added another finger. It felt odd and good both at the same time to Bill. He was trying his best to cope up with that stranger sensation. He felt better with passing time. That was a great feeling in a very sensitive area. He moaned softly in pleasure. Tom was feeling proud to make him happy. He kept taking his fingers in and out until the entrance was satisfyingly expanded. He still wanted to do it longer before jumping to the main part but Bill grabbed him down by his neck and gave him a murderous glare „How long would it last? Do it, please!“ he scolded impatiently. He was completely aroused now that Tom could feel his tummy getting wet with the precum of his younger twin. Tom smiled to himself „Not now“ he whispered.

„No!“ Bill objected instantly „Not later! Now. Please, please!!“ he demanded. Tom shook his head in disagreement. Bill pouted „Pleaseeee! Do it you…!! Ugh! Please do it I’m horny!“ he begged shamelessly. Tom sighed. He could not go against Bill’s will right now. Anything negative may happen. You should always respect your partner during sex. Tom looked won at the entrance once. It was quite expanded now and ready for the first time, yet not perfect. So he agreed and put himself together for the climax.

Tom took his arms from under Bill’s thighs and wrapped his arms tightly but gently around his thighs making them spread slightly apart. Bill did not move. He curiously waited for everything. Both took deep breaths. Both of them were experiencing their first times. Tom had been sleeping with so many girls for a long time but tonight it was different. It was a boy and his womb-mate. He needed to be careful. Besides, Bill was virgin. Tom was nervous too but he wanted to make Bill comfortable with him. So he put on a fake confident face that made Bill positive too.

Eventually, Tom took his erection close to the entrance. Bill shivered as the head of Tom’s dick touched his entrance. He held his breath there. Tom finally prodded his dick frontward. Bill swallowed anxiously as it caused a little trouble at first. After three useless attempts, Tom rolled his eyes „Ok Bill! Be strong ok? It’s gonna hurt a little. Are you ready?“ Bill nodded with a nervous smile. Tom smiled back and finally gave a hard thrust inside the hole. Bill widened his eyes „GAWWWWD!!!“ He groaned, his first penetration. Tom shushed him all along. He took his member out and once again shoved it inside. Bill clenched his teeth. First few minutes it seemed impossible and uncomfortable. But Tom took it in and out continuously to make it much easier. And slowly the unease turned into pleasure. Bill himself spread his legs further apart, helping his brother to go inside of him easily. He crazily clawed on the bed sheet. He was now softly and wildly moaning his brother’s name and crying all along, in pleasure not pain. Pain was nothing comparing to that pleasure. Even Tom was wilder now. He was doing it faster than before, as fast as he could.

Bill groaned and moaned in twinge and delight. He closed his eyes and could not help recalling all the memories of their childhood, their past, yesterday, their laughter, tears, fights, arguments, concerts, bed sharing, fears, songs, recordings, their silent language they speak through their eyes and many more. All their twin moments started flashing in his view. All this time he had been staying with the one who has broken his virginity just a few minutes ago. Bill has lost his virginity tonight but he surely got something more than this. Of course, he will never be able to marry his brother. It was illegal and world banned but the relationship and the bond between them had become much stronger and unbreakable now.

Everything was vanished from around them. It was only Bill and his older identical twin, Tom. They were in a different world now, their own world. They were free to do anything in this world and nobody else belongs here but them. Bill had gained much more confidence on his twin that Tom would never ever leave him alone even if the world breaks apart. Neither would Bill leave Tom’s side. They had vowed it to themselves. Now they know each other much further than they knew each other two hours ago. They had been averred by each other. They said not a single word but they still spoke through their souls and silent twin language. Yes, they had a real world to return to after they finish travelling this dark world of them but they still did not regret living and knowing each other in a dark room. Only a dark room was their limit yet they were free to explore each other here. All the limits between them had been broken now. They felt complete and bright in the dark.

At last the dark turned a little pale in moonlight. Bill opened his eyes and so did Tom. They stared without words. Tom gave him a final smile and took his dick out of Bill’s hole. Both of them exhaled noisily at the same time. Tom let go and lay next to his brother.

Tom looked to his side „Happy?“

Bill grinned „Mm-hmm“ he nodded, satisfied. „Tom, I want to say something“ Bill said.
„Go ahead“ Tom permitted putting his forearm on his forehead.
„I wasn’t fooling you last night. I enjoyed it“ Bill confessed at last „But I was shy to say it on the face. So I lied…“
Tom chuckled „It’s okay. You don’t have to explain. I already know that“

Bill bit his bottom lip nervously „How did you know, Tomi?“ „You’re my twin duh“ He playfully slapped on Bill’s head. Bill giggled „Hmm“ he nodded.

„Now tell me one more thing“ Tom spoke „Why did you ask me to turn the lights off?“
Bill scoffed „Well whatever we were doing, was not legal. Do you know that?“
„Hmm, so?“
„And all the crimes, illegal acts and dirty things happen in the dark“ Bill mocked. Tom smirked „I don’t consider it dirty. I was making love with you“
„Yeah, yeah. You talk as if love is a food and we were making it… asshole“ Bill argued, back to his normal bitchy style. Tom rolled his eyes „We just had sex, Bill. Do you realize that?“
„Yes I do! And sex should always be done in the dark. We’ll always do it in the dark“

Tom smirk mockingly „So you wanna do illegal acts forever?“ he teased. That’s when Bill realized what he said just meant that he wanted to have sex with Tom more in the future. The younger one blushed. It did not take him long to turn red.

„Aww“ Tom caressed on Bill’s head. Bill made a funny face at him and pulled the blanket over their bare bodies. The dog was already asleep and snoring. The twins smiled affectionately at it and exchanged a long lasting flirty smile.
„Sooo…“ Bill spoke, uncertain „Can we do it more… I mean… like in the future?“ he prickled his head edgily.
Tom grinned „Of course we can“ he nodded.
Bill grinned wider than his twin „But in the dark room“
Tom laughed „Hmm ok. In the dark room“ he kissed on Bill’s forehead and shook his head „God Bill, what mentality you have…“ he sighed „IN THE DARK… What the fuck!“ he grumbled and Bill giggled. And then the brothers argued on little cute things of their lives until they were sleepy and almost dead in sleep.

___________THE END____________

P.S: Well, this is a one shot. There will be no more part of this story. Enjoy and do comment. Thank you. 🙂

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